Muller tempers PSG hype with simple reminder: ‘We are still FC Bayern’

Paris Saint-Germain‘s blockbuster summer signings of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe captured worldwide attention, but Bayern Munich attacker Thomas Muller isn’t buying the hype – especially after Bayern defeated the French outfit 3-1 in the Champions League on Tuesday.

It was a 3-0 loss to PSG earlier in the year that saw Carlo Ancelotti dismissed from his post as manager, but the 28-year-old Muller believes one result skewed public perception too far in one direction. He urged fans and media “not to get too carried away” in celebrating PSG, or place too much value on one loss.

“When we lost in Paris, corners were something like 18 to one in our favour, but despite that everyone behaved like Paris enjoyed some kind of magic potion,” Muller said, as quoted by Mark Lovell of ESPN FC.

“Sure, they have good players in attack, but you should not get too carried away hyping up other teams like that.

“We’ve won 3-1 today. Of course, Paris had a few good chances but you did not gain the impression that we were facing a totally dominant uber-team. We are still FC Bayern.”

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